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Using Facebook to Effectively Recruit Medical Professionals

In an earlier post, I discussed using digital mediums as a viable platform to recruit healthcare professionals. As the basis for my argument, I pointed to a report which found that Facebook was chosen by three out of four healthcare professionals surveyed as the preferred site for career-seeking opportunities.  While these statistics are telling and serve as the impetus to quickly build a Facebook recruiting presence, it should not be built in a... Read More

The Real Warriors Campaign: Promoting health-seeking behavior with a mobile site

Last month I had the pleasure of presenting the Real Warriors Campaign mobile site at my favorite health 2.0 Meetup of the DC area, Health 2.0 STAT.  Every quarter the event draws a crowd of passionate health communicators, digital strategists and public health data nerds like myself, and I was absolutely thrilled to give back to the group from which I’ve learned so much! As usual, the energy and best practices exchanged throughout the evening... Read More

Hospitals Using Social Media – By the Numbers

The role of social media in health care is growing fast and doctors are getting increasingly more engaged with each other and with the patients they serve. A survey in June 2011 showed that an astounding 1,188 U.S. hospitals were officially involved in social media across 3,952 social networking sites. Just for comparison, in October 2010, there were 890 U.S. hospitals on 2,337 social networking sites. That means that in just over six months, 298... Read More